Stop Sewage Pollution in SF Bay

Stop Sewage Pollution in SF Bay

The Bay Area’s network of underground sewer pipes is many decades old. That means the cracked sewage pipes are letting in large amounts of rainwater. During big storms, wastewater treatment agencies get overwhelmed and are forced to discharge raw and partially treated sewage into the Bay.

These discharges are smelly, and can be harmful too. Sewage pollution contains bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can make people sick, and kill fish and other wildlife.

Climate change is causing extreme weather, so big storms are becoming more common. That means we’re exposed to sewage pollution more frequently on our streets and in the Bay.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Fixing these old pipes will stop raw sewage from going into the Bay every time it rains. What's more, upgrading our wastewater treatment plants will help prevent sewage discharges—and new wastewater recycling technologies will also help prevent the kinds of deadly toxic red tides that killed countless fish around the Bay this past summer.

Let the SF Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board know you’re sick of sewage. Ask the agency to stop sewage from polluting San Francisco Bay.

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