Auto Dismantler in San Jose Will Reduce Bay Contamination

Feb 9, 2015

Baykeeper reached an agreement with B2 Auto Dismantler, an autowrecking facility in San Jose, to clean up the company’s contaminated runoff to San Francisco Bay. B2 Auto Dismantler had been allowing rain to wash heavy metals off the site and into storm drains that lead to Guadalupe River and Coyote Creek, which drain to San Francisco Bay.

Baykeeper’s investigation revealed that over the past five years, storm water from B2 Auto Dismantler has contained copper, zinc, aluminum, and iron at levels consistently above EPA recommended limits.

When we notified B2 Auto about these violations, the company was extremely cooperative in working with Baykeeper to determine improvements to reduce the site’s runoff pollution.

Under our legally-binding agreement with the company, B2 Auto will take steps such as maintaining adequate filters where storm water runs off the site. This will prevent contamination from reaching pavement or storm drains that drain to nearby waterways.

B2 Auto will continue to test for pollutants in its storm water runoff. Baykeeper will monitor for required pollution reductions, and if necessary require new cleanup measures, in order to ensure the company is effectively preventing pollution to the Bay.

Baykeeper has been working to clean up industrial facilities that are contributing contamination to San Francisco Bay under our Bay-Safe Industry Campaign. In addition to legal action against facilities that we find to be polluting the Bay, the campaign includes outreach and education to industrial facilities, and advocacy for tighter regulations on industrial storm water. 

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