Holding Polluters Accountable

Sep 10, 2021

Polluters don’t like getting caught. They get defensive—even when our field team catches them red-handed with photos and water sampling results demonstrating serious pollution violations. After we sue them, some polluters push back with empty threats and others drag their feet.

That’s why Baykeeper’s work doesn’t end after our lawsuits are resolved. Even with a signed commitment to not pollute, some companies would fail to abide without a watchful eye monitoring them.

Don’t get us wrong, there are rare instances of a company doing the right thing. PJ’s Rebar in Fremont had been polluting the Bay with heavy metals and other contaminants. We informed them of their problems, and they promptly followed our guidance and installed an advanced stormwater treatment system—stopping their pollution 100 percent and ahead of schedule.

But for the companies that aren’t interested in following the law, we have a team of determined lawyers and scientists prepared to keep polluters honest, whatever it takes.   

Click on the map below to explore our to explore our industrial stormwater pollution cases across the Bay Area 

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