"The Last Drop" Documentary, Featuring Baykeeper Scientist Jon Rosenfield

In this documentary, actor Adrian Grenier and National Geographic Explorer Shannon Switzer Swanson explore the growing problem of water scarcity in the US—including right here in the Bay Area.

In this segment, Baykeeper scientist Dr. Jon Rosenfield explains how depleted freshwater flows are affecting the Bay and all the creatures that depend on it.

A note from Jon about the film:

"Last year, folks at Revelations Entertainment (Morgan Freeman's film company) asked Baykeeper for help understanding how unsustainable water diversions damage San Francisco Bay. After working out Covid protocols to protect everyone on the crew, I joined National Geographic Explorer and documentary host Dr. Shannon Switzer Swanson on Baykeeper's patrol boat to explain how river flows into San Francisco Bay affect the estuary's fishes.  This was a highlight of last summer for me—not only did it get me out of the house and onto the water, but we met up with my friends from the UC Davis Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology on the water. Now that 'The Last Drop' is available for free on YouTube, I encourage you to watch it. The documentary explores practical changes that each of us can make to conserve water, a timely topic as we enter our second severe drought in the past decade."

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