Funding Watershed Protection Projects

Dec 5, 2012

2012 Funds for Bay Restoration Generated From Baykeeper Lawsuits

When Baykeeper settles our Clean Water Act lawsuits with polluters, the polluters are required to make mitigation payments to help repair the damage to the ecosystem from their past pollution. These payments are used to provide grants to other nonprofit science, environmental, and community organizations working to protect and restore the Bay watershed.

Over our 23-year history, Baykeeper has generated millions of dollars in funding for projects that are creating a healthier San Francisco Bay. During 2011-2012, Baykeeper’s successful legal settlements provided a total of $449,913 for the following projects:

AquAlliance $25,000
To support public education and advocacy to oppose the proposed transfer of an additional 600,000 acre-feet/year of water from the Sacramento River, the main source of fresh water to the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary.

Arc Ecology $5,000
To support advocacy regarding the impact of proposed development on Treasure Island on traffic, air, views, and water quality.

California Sportfishing Protection Alliance $45,000
To support community-based policy development, advocacy, and litigation to reduce industrial and municipal storm water pollution into San Francisco Bay and the Delta, and ensure adequate water flows through the estuary.

California Water Impact Network $40,000
To support advocacy for the return of approximately 6.4 million acre-feet of water that is currently diverted from the San Francisco Bay estuary, and for a reduction of selenium-contaminated agricultural runoff into the estuary.

City Slicker Farms $10,000
To support the prevention of runoff pollution into San Francisco Bay through the transformation of compacted soils and concrete of vacant lots in West Oakland into Bay-friendly organic food gardens tended by community volunteers.

Communities for a Better Environment $20,000
To support advocacy to reduce air pollution from oil refining in Contra Costa County that causes toxic runoff pollution into San Francisco Bay, and to support participation in the development of local renewable energy projects.

Environmental Water Caucus $20,000
To support community-based advocacy to protect the San Francisco/San Joaquin Bay-Delta water quality through reducing urban water consumption, opposing new dam construction, and reducing agricultural diversion of water.

Global Community Monitor $30,000
To support reducing runoff to San Francisco Bay of lead, copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc, and cadmium from scrap yards in the East Bay and on the Peninsula through policy development, regulatory advocacy, and legal challenges.

Golden Gate Audubon $15,000
To support leveraging of government funding for planning, restoration, and monitoring of wildlife and wetland habitat conservation along the San Francisco waterfront.

Greenaction $15,413
To support community-based efforts to hold government and industry accountable to clean up three major toxic contamination sites along San Francisco Bay.

Huntersview Mothers Committee $4,000
To support education, empowerment, and mobilization of public housing residents in Bayview Hunters Point to participate in the revitalization of their community, which is heavily burdened by pollution.

Literacy for Environmental Justice $10,000
To support hands-on shoreline habitat restoration and watershed stewardship training for youth.

Mare Island Heritage Trust $5,000
To support preservation, restoration, and management of the historic, cultural, and natural resources of Mare Island.

Spaulding Wooden Boat Center $130,000
To support the creation of a new education program for boatyard users and owners on nonpolluting boat maintenance and repair.

Stevens & Permanente Creeks Watershed Council $22,500
To support monitoring and improving the water quality of Stevens, Permanente, and Coyote Creeks, as well as community education.

Turtle Island Restoration Network $10,000
To support advocacy for measures to protect San Francisco Bay from pollution from cruise ships and other large vessels during the 2013 America’s Cup races.

Walk Oakland Bike Oakland $10,000
To support advocacy for construction of Oakland bikeways to reduce vehicle-related runoff pollution into San Francisco Bay.

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