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Environmentalists slam proposal to disband California's water board

Politico Pro

A new bill to eliminate the California agency responsible for enforcing water quality laws in the drought-plagued state is sending shock waves through environmental groups.  The legislation from...

Valero Hit With Suit Over Bay Area Petroleum Coke Pollution


A San Francisco green group has sued Valero Refining Co. and three Bay Area port companies it accuses of unlawfully dumping petroleum coke into the water without the proper permits. San Francisco...

Valero, Amports Sued Over San Francisco Petroleum Coke Pollution

Bloomberg Law

Valero Refining Co. and Amports Inc. are releasing petroleum coke, also known as petcoke, from a port into northern California waters without a valid permit, an environmental group told a federal...

SF Baykeeper Sues Water-Discharging Businesses

Law Street Media

On Thursday, plaintiff San Francisco Baykeeper filed suit against Amports, Inc APS West Coast, Benicia Port Terminal Company, and Valero Refining Company in the Northern District of California. San...

Watchdog on the water: Group uses drones to monitor the ‘fragile ecosystem’ of the Bay

San Francisco Examiner

On a brisk February morning, Cole Burchiel hopped onto a small boat near Oracle Park and greeted skipper Tracy Rogers as the sun burned off the morning cloud cover. As the vessel pulled away from...

Will Salmon Simmer Again?

Estuary News

After two critically dry years that coincided with Trump-era rollbacks to environmental protections, some iconic Delta fish are closer than ever to the point of no return. Last fall, for the second...

Oakland close to settlement over plan to ship bulk products to former army base

Local News Matters

Oakland is a step closer to revolving litigation over a stalled project to develop a bulk commodity terminal on the site of the former Oakland Army Base. City Attorney Barbara J. Parker said the...

New settlement in Oakland will derail plan to export Utah coal through California

The Salt Lake Tribune

A controversial plan by Utah officials to export Utah-mined coal through Oakland has been derailed by an agreement between the California port city and developers resolving years of litigation. No...

Groups Demand Action Now as Seas Rise

East Bay Express

The sea is already rising, nibbling at vulnerable East Bay communities....  Local environmental and community groups are pushing back strongly against city governments and developers who...

If the Supreme Court rolls back the Clean Water Act, California will be ready — thanks to Trump

San Francisco Chronicle

The Supreme Court appears ready to narrow the scope of the Clean Water Act, eliminating protections for many inland streams and wetlands that feed rivers, lakes and bays. But California is also ready...

Low numbers of baby salmon portend disaster for endangered California fish

San Francisco Chronicle

Alarmingly low numbers of baby salmon are surviving their journey down the Sacramento River to the sea, confirming conservationists’ fears that low flows and high river temperatures during the...

Environmentalists blast California’s revised metal shredding rules


Environmentalists are blasting a proposed new emergency regulation by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) that appears to modify an earlier emergency rule on metal shredding...


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