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California’s algae bloom is like a ‘wildfire in the water’

High Country News

Lake Merritt, in the center of Oakland, California, is a tidal estuary connected to the Pacific Ocean. It usually teems with life, both human and marine. In early September, its 3-mile shoreline was...

Why Are Dead Fish Piling Up Across The San Francisco Bay?

NPR: Science Friday

Thousands of dead fish are piling up across the Bay Area. From the concrete outer edges of Oakland’s Lake Merritt to the sandy beaches of San Francisco’s Fort Funston and the pebbled banks of...

Why Are Dead Fish Piling Up Across The San Francisco Bay?

Science Friday

Local science stories of national significance: You may have seen photos of what's happening in the Bay Area around San Francisco. Thousands of dead fish are washing ahore. What in the world is...

Thousands of dead fish are covering Bay Area beaches after red tide hits region


Thousands of dead fish are washing up on the shores of the San Francisco Bay area. Scientists say the red tide causing the fish kill is likely driven by climate change and human wastewater runoff.

The Bay Area’s algal blooms are wreaking havoc for fish

Pacific Sun

The Bay Area is experiencing a harmful red tide, which peaked in August, yet still lingers in September. The tell-tale signs are tea-colored water, foul odors and dead fish. Check, check and check...

Poop and pee fueled the huge algae bloom in San Francisco Bay. Fixing the problem could cost $14 billion

San Francisco Chronicle

After an unprecedented harmful algae bloom first turned San Francisco Bay a murky brown color and then littered its shores with dead fish, many people assumed it was yet another climate disaster to...

Why Are There So Many Dead Fish? And What Can We Do About it?


By now, many people have seen, or even smelled the thousands of fish that washed up on shores all over the Bay Area. Scientists say it's likely the result of an algal bloom that's grown over the past...

Depleted Oxygen Levels Caused by SF Bay Algae Bloom Could Lead to ‘Large-Scale Aquatic Deaths'

NBC Bay Area

Interview with Baykeeper's senior scientist, Jon Rosenfield: Scientists are warning that the massive fish die-off due to the algae bloom in the San Francisco Bay is just the beginning. Terry...

‘It’s an Unimaginable Number of Fish’


You’ve probably seen pictures or even smelled them by now. This past week, thousands upon thousands of dead fish washed up on shorelines all over the Bay Area. And there are way more beneath the...

Dead fish are piling up on San Francisco Bay Area shores. A toxic algae bloom is likely cause

USA Today

Thousands of dead fish and other marine life carcasses are washing ashore in the San Francisco Bay Area, creating a foul smell. Experts point to an unprecedented "red tide" algae bloom as the mostly...

Thousands of dead fish wash up in Oakland lake to create a putrid mess

The Guardian

Thousands of fish carcasses have been floating up to the edges of the San Francisco Bay, and the scummy top of Oakland’s Lake Merritt – stewing under the sun and wafting a putrid stench into nearby...

Harmful Algae Blooms in the Delta

Estuary News

In the absence of a government program to contend with harmful algae blooms (HABs) in the Delta, a loose coalition of academics and environmental and community groups has been studying their spread...


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