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Fish-killing ‘red tide’ algae bloom in San Francisco Bay turns the water brown

Washington Times

A toxic algae called “Heterosigma akashiwo” is blooming in San Francisco Bay, causing the water to look murky and brown and posing a danger to local marine life.

Harmful S.F. Bay algal bloom bigger than expected and growing

San Francisco Examiner

Sometimes, water issues are best seen from the sky. Thirsty riverbeds. Flooded neighborhoods. And this week, a harmful algal bloom overtaking San Francisco Bay. That’s why David Houghton, a...

Scientists Say to Keep Out of Brown Algae Water


Scientsts say to keep out of the brown algae water in the East Bay. Audio only.

Algal bloom fills San Francisco Bay with swirls of brown water

San Francisco Chronicle

  A potentially harmful algal bloom is spreading through San Francisco Bay, adding swirls of dark brown and maroon to the blue-green waters and foaming up near ferry landings and waterways in...

Algae bloom continues to grow in SF Bay


Algae bloom continues to grow in SF Bay. Audio only. 

Murky estuary water reveals harmful algal blooms in Oakland, Alameda


For weeks, the water in the Oakland and Alameda estuaries have been a murky, brown color. The phenomenon is known as the ‘red tide’ blooms. A local environmental group is now testing the water to...

Harmful algae bloom spreading across San Francisco Bay, turning water brown


Looking out across the San Francisco Bay, you might notice it's looking a little murky. Experts say the reason is a potentially harmful algae bloom that's spreading in waters throughout the Bay...

A harmful algal bloom is spreading in San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Examiner

Though the California Department of Health has so far deemed this bloom a “nuisance” and not a direct threat to public health, there is still much uncertainty about the brown bloom’s toxicity, origin...

Defining Unimpaired Flows

Estuary News

For the second time in four years, a proposal for a voluntary agreement between agencies and water contractors on flows into and through the Delta from the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers and their...

5 Questions: Jon Rosenfield, Senior Scientist at Baykeeper

Maven's Notebook

After completing degrees from Cornell University, University of Michigan, and the University of New Mexico, Dr. Jon Rosenfield returned to the Bay Area in 2002, where he worked as a postdoctoral...

East Bay MUD to pay $816,000 penalty for releasing 16 million gallons of partially treated sewage into San Francisco Bay

Mercury News

The heavy storms that soaked the Bay Area last October ended fire season and brought hopes — dashed during dry winter months later — that the state’s drought might be ending. But while millions...

For These Black Bayview-Hunters Point Residents, Reparations Include Safeguarding Against Rising, Toxic Contamination


This story is part of KQED's series, "Sacrifice Zones: Bay Area Shoreline Communities Reimagining Their Homes in the Face of the Climate Emergency." The project looks at communities of color facing...


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