A Selected Roundup of News Stories
Photo: Baykeeper

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Bay Planners Highlight Another Missing Element in California Environmental Law

Bay Nature Magazine

The Bay Area is often associated with two things – the beauty of its natural landscape, and the skyrocketing costs of living in it. Of late those have been seen as being in tension. Should the ...

The struggle for clean air and water in Benicia

Peninsula Press

Environmental watchdog group Baykeeper filed a lawsuit in federal court against Amports, which owns the Port of Benicia, and Valero for allegedly mishandling petroleum coke, a refinery product that...

County contractor with Chevron ties has yet to investigate refinery’s 2021 diesel leak

Richmond Confidential

Fifteen months after about 800 gallons of diesel spilled into San Francisco Bay from a leaking pipe at the Richmond Chevron Refinery, the public is still waiting for a promised investigation by...

Sejal Choksi-Chugh on Beyond the Fog Radio

Beyond the Fog

Sejal Choksi-Chugh is a fierce defender of the environment. From a young age she wondered why the water was murky, why the air was polluted, and why no one seemed to be doing anything to fix it....

Martinez Refinery: Supes Approve Plan To Convert To Biofuel Plant

Bay City News

MARTINEZ, CA — The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously denied an appeal from more than a dozen environmental groups and individuals, paving the way for the Marathon...

25 Volunteer Opportunities to Keep San Francisco Golden


San Francisco is what it is because of all of the natural beauty and wonder that exist in it and around it. We’d be nothing without the Pacific Ocean, the San Francisco Bay, the redwoods, the beaches...

Environmental fears arise after 4-alarm blaze that devastated Benicia pier

Local News Matters

Officials with the city of Benicia and various state and local agencies are working to assess damage and begin planning cleanup efforts at the site of a four-alarm Benicia Port fire that burned for...

Benicia Fire Chief Releases Statement On Cause Of Port Fire


BENICIA, CA — Benicia Fire Chief Josh Chadwick released a statement Tuesday afternoon on the preliminary findings of the investigation into the cause of the Benicia Port Fire, which broke out...

Cleanup begins after Port of Benicia fire extinguished

Mercury News

Firefighters extinguished a fire chewing through a pier at the Port of Benicia, a little less than a day after flames up shot from the port and threatened a nearby docked tanker ship. A massive...

Massive fire closes Port of Benicia indefinitely

KTVU Fox News

BENICIA, Calif. - The investigation and cleanup from Saturday's massive blaze at the Port of Benicia was in high gear on Monday, in hopes of getting the critical port back in operation. It could...

Benicia Port Fire: Officials Tour Site To Assess Damage, Plan Cleanup

Bay City News

BENICIA, CA — Officials with the city of Benicia and representatives from various state and local agencies were working Monday to assess the damage and begin planning cleanup efforts at the site of a...


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