Media Advisory: Contact for Comments on Bay Bridge Implosion

Nov 13, 2015

Bay Bridge Implosion Scheduled for November 14, 2015

Ian Wren, Baykeeper Staff Scientist, 415-810-6956 (mobile)

For Baykeeper’s comments on the implosion of the old Bay Bridge pier, please contact:
Ian Wren, Baykeeper Staff Scientist, 415-810-6956 (mobile)


Caltrans’ plan to implode the largest underwater pier of the old Bay Bridge threatens to pollute San Francisco Bay with dust and debris.

“This cost-saving operation is without precedent in San Francisco Bay, and it seems the Bay will end up paying the price to recoup money spent on cost over-runs and mistakes in the new bridge construction process,” says Baykeeper Staff Scientist Ian Wren.

Caltrans is proposing implosion of the piers in part because it will be less costly than the original plan involving mechanical methods.

“The most environmentally sound method for taking down the old Bay Bridge piers is mechanical removal, as originally proposed and as the original permits approved,” says Wren.

Hundreds of simultaneous explosions are supposed to pulverize the pier, with debris falling into openings in the pier’s foundation below the water.

The implosion is planned as a test to determine if explosives can be used to safely remove 21 more Bay Bridge piers. Baykeeper has played a role in developing a monitoring program Caltrans will use to measure water quality before, during, and after the pier implosion. The mud at the bottom of the Bay near the blast will also be tested to determine whether it becomes contaminated with concrete dust and rubble.

“We have worked with the agency to identify the risks and minimize harm to the Bay from this project, but if the first implosion harms the Bay, Baykeeper will work to ensure that a more environmentally sound method is used to dismantle the remaining piers,” says Wren.

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