Baykeeper Advisory Board

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., JD, President, Waterkeeper Alliance. Special Advisor to the Board

Michael Herz, Ph.D, Environmental Advocate and Founder of San Francisco Baykeeper. Special Advisor to the Board

Gary Groff, Chief Commercial Officer, Mango Materials

Ben Horenstein, Retired, East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD)

Terrel Hutton, Director of Advancement, River Partners

Jeff Jacobs, Relish Brand Consulting

Paul Kibel, JD, Professor of Law, Golden Gate University

Caroline Koch, JD, Water Policy Director, WaterNow Alliance

Michael Lozeau, JD, Partner, Lozeau Drury LLP

Doug McConnell, Television Journalist

Peter Meredith, Communications and Digital Marketing Consultant

Brenna Moorhead, JD, Senior Attorney, Goodwin

Scott Pederson, Vice President of Marketing, Anchor Brewing Company

Kent Smith, Retired, Chief Deputy Director, California Energy Commission

Sandra Stewart, Principal, Thinkshift Communications

Christina Swanson, Ph.D., Director, Science Center, Natural Resources Defense Council

Diane Walton, President, Dolphin Club

Gary Wolff, Former Vice Chair, State Water Resources Control Board