Photo: Peter Thoeny

Our results

Winning for San Francisco Bay

Baykeeper has been keeping an eye on San Francisco Bay and holding polluters accountable since 1989.

Over the past thirty years we've logged over 15,000 hours on the water, as the only people who regularly patrol the Bay for pollution violations. We've won nearly 300 legal actions to protect the Bay from polluters, and mapped 300 miles of shoreline to prepare for climate-driven sea level rise. We got the navy to clean up its toxic fleet of decommissioned ships in Suisun Bay, and our legal settlements with both government and commercial polluters have generated well over $120 million for Bay protection.

Below are highlights of our recent succeses.   

A Turning Point for Bay Fish

In response to our advocacy efforts to reduce pollution in Bay fish over a decade ago, a local water agency informed us that there was “no evidence of subsistence fishing in the Bay Area.” This came...

The Secret Ingredient

The traditional holiday season of thanks is taking on new flavor as I reflect on what Baykeeper has accomplished over this past year. There’s so much to be grateful for. We made it through the worst...

Big Coal's Days in the Bay Are Numbered

The Richmond City Council just signed an agreement that will keep coal out of the city permanently—a move that Baykeeper has fought for long and hard. We worked with partners and local activists in...

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