Baykeeper Crossword Challenge

Mar 1, 2009
Sejal Choksi
by Sejal Choksi

The San Francisco Bay defines much of the lifestyle of the Bay Area. The Bay is an avenue for worldwide commerce and local transportation, an arena for outdoor sports and recreation and a breathtaking local attraction that draws residents and visitors alike. In our daily routines, it is easy to overlook the amazing complexity and diversity of life that thrives below the surface of the Bay and just beyond our view.

At San Francisco Baykeeper, we believe that stewardship of the Bay begins with an appreciation of the mysteries it holds. With its intricate chemical balance and powerful hydrological patterns, the physical features of the Bay are just as complex as the biological communities it supports. And at the same time, industry, agriculture and urban pressures pose continuous threats to the physical and biological wellbeing of San Francisco Bay. Baykeeper works to protect the Bay from these threats and to restore the Bay to a vibrant estuary that supports millions of fish, birds and marine mammals, as well as the human communities of the Bay Area. Even if we cannot see all that lies beneath the surface, it is crucial to protect the Bay and its unique features from further degradation.

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